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Since 1993, LNS has been a leader in providing live captions for broadcast news, sports, and live events. From around the country, we can watch or listen to your broadcast and create captions, which are then sent via modem to your production facility. We can also work on location at your production site.


LNS Webstream is an easy-to-implement, inexpensive way to communicate your message to your audience – whether your audience is attending the event in person or via the internet, a smartphone, or some other wired device.

Post Production

Also known as offline captioning, post-production captioning is used for programs that have already been created in a media format, such as television series, commercials, DVDs, online videos, and feature-length films.Post-production captioning is the most accurate type of captioning available, reflecting high-quality aesthetics and delivering the maximum level of precision.

Additional Services

Our experienced team has been providing services to local and national clients for over 18 years. Browse our post-production and live captioning services to see what we can do for you!

March 4, 2015-Closed Captioning and the Elimination of POTS Lines-Society of Broadcasting Engineers

Carol Studenmund contributed to this article as a chair of the Federal Communications Commission subcommittee at the National Court Reporters Association

The Green Sports Alliance is in Chicago this year

The Green Sports Alliance brings sports organizations and environmental experts together in an effort to improve environmental performance of sports facilicites and operations.LNS will be on hand captioning and providing information on the need for captions within sports arenas, stadiums, and facilicites.Find out more about the Green Sports Alliance Summit.

Graduation season for 2015 is just around the corner!

If you need live captioning for your graduation events and commencement ceremonies, LNS can help. Our clients — universities, colleges, and community colleges — come back to us year after year because they know they can count on us to provide unbeatable customer service and accurate captions. Visit our Request

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