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  • Certified Realtime Captioner — NCRA (CRC) consists of three components:
    • Educational component – either through NCRA webinars or a classroom workshop — to ensure the captioner is working in line with national standards and guidelines for all aspects of captioning
    • Written knowledge exam
    • Skills test consists of five minutes of dictation at 180 words per minute.
      • The test candidate closes the realtime file at the end of the dictation and turns in an unedited file for scoring.
      • 96% accuracy must be achieved in order to pass the examination.
  • Registered Merit Reporter – NCRA (RMR), an advanced certification, including written knowledge exam. The three test legs are given at speeds of 200-260 words per minute with 95% or higher accuracy.
  • Registered Diplomate Reporter—NCRA (RDR), a written knowledge exam that is the high-level achievement exam.
  • Registered Professional Reporter – NCRA (RPR), the basic national court reporting certification, which includes a written knowledge exam, given at speeds of 180-225 words per minute.
  • Oregon Award of Excellence (OCRA), a skills-only test. The three test legs are given at speeds of 210-270 words per minute with 95% or higher accuracy.
  • Certified Realtime Reporter – NCRA (CRR), a basic realtime skills test with the same written knowledge test as the RPR test. The test is given at a speed of 180 words per minute with 96% or higher accuracy.

To read more about captioner certifications, visit NCRA’s Certifications page.