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Happy 25th Anniversary!


2018 is the year LNS Captioning celebrates its 25th anniversary. We’ve been celebrating all year long. We can’t believe all the changes that have come to the captioning world and to our company over the last 25 years. We’ve gone from using big, heavy caption encoders to caption TV productions such as the Portland Rose Festival Parade, to sending our captions all over the world over the internet. Our company has captioned two Super Bowl games for our stadium clients, with our third Super Bowl coming up in February 2019. Now, in 2018, we can even send our live captions out to our clients in five, 10, 20 different languages all at the same time! Amazing!

At our Employee Appreciation Luncheon in April, we had a special moment honoring our 25 years in this field. Of course, we had a cake. Owners Carol Studenmund and Robin Nodland have worked hard for all these years building this business to where we are today. And our commitment to the community of people with hearing disabilities is as strong as it was when we first captioned on TV so many years ago.