Post Production Overview


  • Also known as offline captioning, post-production captioning is used for programs that have already been created in a media format, such as television series, commercials, DVDs, online videos, and feature-length films.
  • It is the most accurate type of captioning available, reflecting high-quality aesthetics and delivering the maximum level of precision. LNS has industry-standard production software in-house, ensuring that our captions meet the demands of the newest technologies.
  • While accessibility is our ultimate goal, we can adapt our style and format to meet the needs of individual projects. Visit our FAQ pageorview our demo videosto learn more.

Video / Film

If you have a video or film that needs captioning, LNS can help! We work with clients across the country to caption television series, commercial spots, feature-length films, …Read More

DVD Authoring

LNS can create caption or subtitle files for any of today’s major DVD authoring systems, including Sonic Creator, Sonic Scenarist, Apple DVD Studio Pro, Apple Maestro, Sony, Panaso … Read More

Transcription Services

Turning the spoken word into text is our core business. We’ll take your digital file, DVD, videotape or audiocassette and deliver back to you a professionally formatted transcript. … Read More


LNS ensures that you can reach all of your audience, including those who speak English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and a variety of other languages. Just send us your maste … Read More

Commercial Spots

We know how important time is for you. Send us your commercial spot and we’ll send you the finished product in 24 hours or less. If you take care of the caption encoding process yo … Read More

Audio Description

There are over 10 million visually impaired people in the United States who miss the important visual aspects of video and multimedia products. Audio description (sometimes called … Read More


LNS Captioning is quality-certified by the Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) as YouTubeTM ready. Visit our Request a Quote page to see how we can help you! … Read More

Web Videos

Want to extend the accessibility of your web videos to a wider audience? LNS can caption your Flash, Windows Media, Quicktime, Real Player, or YouTubeTM web videos so you can reach. … Read More