Text on Top

text on top thumb driveYou want to know about this service. We now offer the first wireless captioning system.  It was developed and produced by the Dutch company Velotype VOF. Text on Top uses radio frequency technology to transmit caption data from the captioner’s computer to a display computer.

Using Text on Top, the captioner creates the captions of the presentation using his or her usual captioning software. Text on Top is compatible with Eclipse Accucap, Stenograph BCS and Pro-Cat, among others.  The Text on Top USB device is plugged into the captioner’s computer. This device sends the captions in real time, word by word – over an RF signal — to the computer where the presentation is shown.

Another Text on Top USB device is plugged into the computer of the presenter in order to receive the captions. This device receives the typed text over an RF signal. The captions are overlaid on top of the presentation. No software is loaded on the presenter’s computer.

Here’s the really fun part. The appearance of the captions is amazingly flexible. The color, font, font size and placement location can be changed by the captioner so that the captions do not interfere with the presentation.

This technology is great for CART captioning jobs: Graduations, presentations, and large meetings. Check out our photo gallery for examples.