CART Captioning

city-hallLive event captioning, also known as Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART), offers immediate, verbatim, voice-to-text translation at events, conferences, classes, public hearings, and government meetings.

LNS provides access for deaf and hard of hearing participants, for those new to learning the English language, or for audience members who simply have trouble hearing the audio in a noisy venue. The live captions can be presented on a laptop display for an individual or can connect to a projector to give the whole audience access to captions. For information regarding captioning via webstream, visit our LNS Webstream page.

We are seeing an increase in the requests for CART captioning from participants in courtroom proceedings, from litigants, attorneys, to potential jurors. Click here for more information about the best practices for using CART captioning in the courtroom.

Advance reservation for this service is necessary. Call us at your earliest convenience to book our captioners. For high quality captions, we request scripts or preparation material in advance.

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