Carol Studenmund

LNS Captioning President


Carol Studenmund founded LNS Captioning in 1993 – along with Robin Nodland — as a sister company of LNS Court Reporting, which Carol and Robin founded in 1987. Carol and Robin felt an obligation to provide the community with fast, accurate, dependable, and affordable captioning solutions. Using a combination of skills, equipment, and talent, Carol has worked for 25 years to make LNS the top captioning firm in the Northwest and a business with unwavering dedication to its clients.

Carol recognizes the importance of her business’ role in the community. In June 2014, Carol became Chair of the Mount Hood Cable Regulatory Commission. She has served on the Commission since 2011.  She is a past President and current legislative Chair of Oregon Court Reporters Association (OCRA) and has served as the Chief Examiner of the Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR) exam in Oregon for the last 20 years. She is also on the board of Portland Community Media and is a member of the National Court Reporters Association Broadcast and CART Captioning Committee. Carol also serves as the chair of the NCRA FCC Caption Quality Subcommittee.